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Custom American D7 Microphone  $229.99

Item # AD7P

This American D7 arrived recently in DOA condition so the bad element has been replaced with a Vintage Philips Dynamic Element with a foil diaphragm and a transformer to boost it to 100,000 Ohms Impedance for a Super strong output, huge bottom end and great gritty Tone!

The microphone is 2 3/4" deep from the front of the grille to the back of the volume knob and it is 2" across the grille at the widest point which makes it very easy to hold and cup even if you have very small hands.

This American D7 is in good cosmetic condition for the age of the microphone but it has definitely seen some use and there are some letters finely scratched into the chrome as you can see in the pictures.

A volume control has been added at the back of the shell and a 1/4" jack is istalled at the bottom of the stem to complete the mic and is placed at the perfect angle to sweep the cable out away from your feet when playing.

If you have been looking for a great American D-7 there is no need to look any further!​

Custom American D7 Microphone  $229.99

Custom American D7 Microphone - Philips Element