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1965 Ampeg Gemini I G-12 22W Tube Amplifier

Item - AmpegG12

This Ampeg Gemini G-12 amplifier is in Very Good Condition for it's ageand works great for Guitar or Harmonica if you are looking for a good clean tone.  These were widely used back in the day by Jazz Guitarists because of the clean tone.

​The amplifier has an interesting tube line-up with three 12AX7 tubes, one 6CQ7, one 7199 and a pair of 7591A Power Tubes to provide 22W of Great Tone!

The front panel has controls for the tremolo speed and intensity, Channel 1 VT&B, Channel 2 VT&B and reverb saturation.  There are 2 inputs for each channel (guitar and accordion) a power toggle switch and fuse holder and a power light also included on the front panel.

​The original speaker has been replaced with a 12" JBL Signature Speaker and the power cord has been replaced with a properly grounded 3-prong cord for safety.
A permanently attached footswitch allows you to turn both Tremolo and Echo effects on and off easily.

​Overall this amplifier is in great condition and works perfectly on both channels.   The tremolo and reverb both work perfectly as well.

 There are a few minor nicks and cuts but it looks pretty good for an amp that is getting close to 60 years old.  It is solidly constructed and will make someone a great amplifier which will probably last another 60 years.

​Don't let this one get away!

1965 Ampeg Gemini I G12 Amplifier $649.99

1965 Ampeg Gemini I G12 Amplifier $649.99