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Custom Ampex 1101 Dynamic Microphone  $229.99

Item - AM1101CD
This Vintage Ampex model 1101 is an Absolutely Awesome Custom Harp Mic and it is in nearly flawless condition  with nice bright polished chrome head and metallic brown butt-piece.

These were originally designed for use with tape recorders and had a short 6' cord at the back of the mic.  The cord has been removed and a Switchcraft 5/8" screw connector and adapter to 1/4" have been added in it's place and a volume control with 10 detent positions has been added to the mic just in front of the connector.

The mic is just over 4" in length and is just over 1 1/2" in diameter atthe center of the mic and only 1" in diameter at the front. Of course you have already noticed the unique angled design of the mic which actually aids the harp player by sweeping the mic cable out away from you as you hold the mic.

The real beauty of this Awesome little mic is the Absolutely Monstrous Output and Tone that it delivers.  It is truly a PowerHouse Microphone which will overdrive your tube amp into Melodious Distortion!

Custom Ampex 1101 Dynamic Microphone  $229.99

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