This is an excellent Deal on an Astatic T3 Bullet Harp Microphone that has been customized specifically for Harp Playing with a Vintage Shure 99B86 Controlled Magnetic Element in excellent physical and operating condition which measures over 1,000 Ohms for a super hot output. This T3 has a few blemishes from years of use in it's previous life.  It is a great little bullet mic and has a 5/8" screw connector and Switchcraft adapter at the bottom of the mic with a volume control directly behind it.  The Vintage 99B86 USA CM Element delivers a Super strong output and thick gritty tone!

Super Hot Astatic T3 Bullet - Vintage USA CM Element

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Astatic T3 Bullet - USA CM Element  $249.99

Astatic T3 Bullet- USA CM Element  $249.99