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Custom Bogen CHB10A Single End Amplifier  $329.99

Item - BOG10COMB

This Bogen CHB-10A is one of the Hottest 10 Watt tube amplifiers ever made for Blues Harp and they will outperform most 15 to 20 Watt amplifiers in terms of actual audible decibels of sound.

Many harp players know that Single End tube amplifiers typically deliver better tone for Blues Harp than the larger Push-Pull Amplifiers but they lack the volume to be heard among the other stacks of speakers and amplifiers.

This Bogen CHB-10A delivers a solid 10 Watts of Pure Tube Power with 14 Watts of Peak Power. The stock CHB-10A utilizes a model 7868 Power Tube and a 12AX7 Preamplifier Tube and it really puts out the sound for a small amp.

This particular Bogen CHB-10A has been customized specifically to provide that Gritty Distorted Tone so often associated with Chicago Style Blues. The power supply has been inspected and the power supply capacitors have been replaced and upgraded as necessary. The values of the inter-stage coupling capacitors have been increased to pass more bottom end through the entire circuit. The screen voltage to the Power Tube (7868) has also been lowered to allow use of a 6GT5 Power Tube in place of the 7868 tube if desired (The 6GT5 is a larger diameter tube than the 7868 and provides a slightly different And Fatter tone).

The amplifier comes with a strong NEW 12AX7 Preamp Tube and a Nice Fat Sounding NOS RCA 6GT5 Tube. When not in use to control the Phono Input, Volume 2 acts to increase the presence of the Mic channel as Vol 2 is increased.

As you can see in the pictures, a 1/4” jack has been installed for the Microphone input and a 1/4" jack is also installed for the Phono input.  The Tone control and both volume controls are working perfectly. A 1/4” jack has been installed to provide a speaker connection which is connected to the speakers in the cabinet.  another 1/4” jack with a volume control has been added to the circuit to provide a line out feed to the House PA if needed for additional volume.

The Vintage amplifier cabinet measures 24” x 17” x 8” and has a grounded power cord and fuse. The front panel has volume controls for both the Microphone and Phono Channels and has a single knob Tone Control as well as a power switch.  the cabinet is from an old tabletop radio and is still in good condition as you can see.   The speakers consist of a Vintage 12" Heppner, Aln ico Speaker along with a Vintage 8" Alnico speaker.  The speakers are balanced to provide an 8 Ohm load to the amplifier.

The 10 Watts of Raw Tube Power this amplifier delivers is sufficient for most small venues and is perfect for recording sessions. And, if you just have to gear up, it's easy to run a line to the House PA System and really unleash that Awesome Tube Tone!

All electronic components are in excellent condition and any aging or damaged components have been replaced with reliable replacement parts.

This is an amplifier you can count on to work when you need it to!

Custom Bogen CHB10A Single End Amplifier  $329.99

Custom Bogen CHB10A 10W Single End Combo Amplifier