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Custom EV-634 Dynamic Microphone  $149.99

Item - EV634CBD

This ElectroVoice 634 with Original Dynamic Element is one of the favorite Dirty Blues Mic customizations here at The Harp Mic Shop.

The Microphone has been completely disassembled and removed from the Mic Stand and Customized Specifically for Blues Harp.  The original element is in Excellent condition and a Lo-Z to Hi-Z transformer has been added to provide excellent output & a nice warm gritty tone.  A volume control has been added at the Top of the mic near the back.
A Switchcraft Screw connector has been installed at the bottom of the mic in the perfect location to drop the cable down comfortably behind your hands and a Switchcraft Adapter is also included for use with your favorite 1/4" cable.
The small 1 3/4" diameter of the mic makes it cup easily and it sounds Absolutely Awesome with Strong Output & Warm Thick Tone.  The mic is approximately 4 1/4" from the front grille to the very back of the mic and the angled connector design sweeps the cable back away from you while the microphone is comfortably cupped in your hands.
This is a Fantastic Dirty Blues Harmonica Microphone that you will love having in your collection and is guaranteed to quickly become one of your favorites!

Custom EV-634 Dynamic Microphone  $149.99

Custom ElectroVoice 634 Dynamic Microphone