Vintage ElectroVoice 605 Hi-Z Microphone  $159.99

Vintage ElectroVoice 605 Hi-Z Microphone

Vintage ElectroVoice 605 Hi-Z Microphone  $159.99

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Item - EV605CM

This Vintage ElectroVoice Model 605 arrived in doa Condition with a bad dynamic element so the shell has been modified to accept a Shure 99W556 Lo-Z Controlled Magnetic element which is boosted to Hi-Z with the original ElectroVoice transformer.  The result is one Super-Hot easy to cup microphone with a N ice Thick Gritty Tone.

The Microphone has the name "Noel Jaramillo" engraved on both sides and it definitely has been well used so you don't have to worry about protecting the finish but it is definitely one Hot, Fat Toned Harp Mic and the price is definitely right.

‚ÄčIncluded with the microphone is a Switchcraft Adapter to allow you to use your favorite 1/4" cable.