Custom ElectroVoice 638 Dynamic Microphone

Custom EV-638 Dynamic Microphone  $149.99

Custom EV-638 Dynamic Microphone  $149.99

Item - EV638VC

This ElectroVoice 638 with Original Dynamic Element is one of the favorite Dirty Blues Microphones here at The Harp Mic Shop and they have also been a favorite of Harp Players for decades because of the easy to hold design and the great warm tone that many of these vintage ElexctroVoice microphones produce.

The Microphone has been customized by adding a volume control at the back of the microphone.  The original TAG Plate is still intact and will be included with the microphone.

The microphone is in very good cosmetic condition and Excellent Working Condition for it's age but does have some blemishes in the finish as can bee seen in the pictures.

This is a Fantastic Dirty Blues Harmonica Microphone that you will love having in your collection and is guaranteed to quickly become one of your favorites!

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