Custom JT-30 w/ 1953 Black CR Element  $369.99

Custom JT-30 w/ 1953 Black CR Element  $369.99

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Custom JT-30 with 1953 Shure Black CR Element

Item - JT30BCR53
This is without a doubt one of the sweetest deals on a Vintage JT-30 Harp Microphone available anywhere and it sounds even better than it looks with a Super Hot Vintage May, 1953 Shure 99H86 Black Controlled Reluctance Element measuring 1206 Ohms.
This vintage JT-30 microphone has been customized specifically for Harp Playing.  It has been taken down to the metal and powder coated in a beautiful Candy Teal with Gold Metal Flake.  The chrome grille is in good condition and has been backed with a Stainless Wire Mesh and Black silk.  Also included is a Switchcraft adapter to convert to 1/4" cable. The volume control has been added at the back of the mic for easy access.
The element in this mic is a super strong Vintage Shure 99H86 Black CR element which has Excellent Output and Plenty of Bottom End with a thick gritty Tone. This is one sweet deal on a great looking and sounding mic at a price that is right and you can't beat the output and tone.
Don't let this one get away!