Vintage Kay TM2 Dual-Z Microphone  $59.99

Vintage Kay TM2 Dual-Z Microphone  $59.99

Item - KAYTM2

This Vintage Kay Model TM2 arrived in Excellent Cosmetic Condition but had some wiring problems from someone removing the head of the mic to aggresively.  The wiring problems have been resolved and the mic is now in great working condition.

The body of the mic is 8" in length and the ball is 1 7/8" across at the widest point.   The Vintage 5/8" screw connector is in good condition and will readily accept a Switchcraft Adapter to 1/4" or a standard 5/8" female connector.

As you can see in the pictures the mic is in excellent condition with only minor surface scratches in the chrome finish and it can be mounted on a microphone stand using a standard mic clip.  The on/off switch is in excellent working condition as is the Impedance switch on the back side of the mic

This mic has a great vintage tone and would make a great addition to any stage sound system where it can be used for Harmonica, dirty vocals, saxophone or other horn amplification.

Vintage Kay TM2 Dual-Z Microphone

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