Little FatAss Hot Mini Bullet Microphone  $169.99

​​​​Item Numbers
Penny Vein - FAT1-PV, Silver Vein - FAT1-SV, Candy Red - FAT1-CR
Bass Boat Orange - FAT1-OR, Candy Aquamarine - FAT1-CA
​Candy Purple - FAT1-CP

This is a new variation on the THMS Mini Bullet microphones called "Little FatAss" due to the Super Hot Output, Excellent Bottom End Response and Super Fat Tone! Don't let the small size fool you! This is the Little Mic with Huge Sound.

These are made from motorcycle turn signal lights but here at THMS we do them a little differently
. as you can see the bullet shaped body has been streamlined to allow better cupping of the mic. A Switchcraft connector has been installed near the rear of the shell and a volume control has been placed right at the back of the shell for easy access with your little finger. The body of the mic is powder coated in avariety of colors which contrast with the black grille piece.
The mic is 3 1/4" in depth and is approximately 1 1/2" in diameter Making it easy to hold and cup even if you have small hands.
At the heart of the mic is a Dynamic Cardioid element with excellent frequency response which is boosted to 100,000 Ohms impedance using a transformer to provide Excellent Tone and a Great Bottom End Response.
​You won't regret adding one of these to your Harp Arsenal!
Every Harp Player needs a "FatAss"!

Little FatAss Hot Mini Bullet Microphone  $169.99 Microphone  $149.99

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Little FatAss Dynamic Microphone