50s Masco MA25N 6L6PP PA Amplifier Head

Masco MA25N 25W Amplifier  $579.99

Item MA25N
These Vintage Masco MA25N PA amplifiers make absolutely great Harp Amplifiers with Excellent Breakup and a strong 25W output they produce.  This particular amplifier has been lightly modified by installing 1/4" jacks for all 4 inputs and also for the Speaker Output.
There are 3 Microphone input channels with separate volume controls for each channel and1 Phono Input with a lower gain than the microphone inputs. 
​ The Amplifier is in perfect working condition and has been thoroughly tested and has worked flawlessly without fail every time.

The tubes are all in excellent condition (4-6J7 tubes, 2-6SC7 tubes, 2-6L6 Power Tubes, 1- Rectifier tube.   All mic channels and all other controls are working perfectly.  You will also appreciate the presence of separate Bass & Treble Controls! 
 As you can see in the pictures there is a grounded 3 prong cord and a fuse to protect the amplifier in the event of a power problem.
 On the left side of the amp is a Speaker Jack (1/4") and the Speaker Impedance can be easily set to whatever Speaker Load required by simply unlocking and rotating the selection switch. Also on the left side are 3 microphone inputs (1/4") and the Phono Input. The 25 Watts of power is sufficient to power a variety of speaker loads.

The amplifier measures approximately 15"x 9"x 9" and it weighs 25 pounds outside of the box.  Most of the weight is from the Huge Power Supply Transformer and Output Transformer which are necessary to provide a good constant output at the Bottom End and this amp definitely delivers there as well as throughout the Harmonica Range.

This is a great Harp Amp! Don't pass it up!

Masco MA25N 25W Amplifier  $579.99

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