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Vintage Shure 545SD Hi-Z Microphone

Vintage Shure 545SD Hi-Z Microphone & Cable $99.99

Item SH545SD

This  Shure 545SD vintage microphone is in Good Cosmetic and Excellent Working Condition.  There are a few minor blemishes in the finish but it is in Excellent condition for a used microphone of it's age.

This is a dual Impedance microphone with a 3-pin XLR connector which allows the microphone to be use for either Low or High Impedance operation simply by using a cable that is wired for the desired impedance and by wiring the microphone XLR connector accordingly inside.  There is a 16' cable included which is wired for Hi-Z with a 1/4"plug at the amplifier end.  The mic is currently wired for Hi-Z operation.

The Labeling on the mic clearly reads:  Shure Model 545SD, Unidyne III, Made in USA.

Vintage Shure 545S Hi-Z Microphone & Cable  $99.99