Item SH545VC

This  Shure 545S vintage microphone is in Good Cosmetic and works great.  There are a few minor blemishes in the finish but it is in Excellent condition for a used microphone of it's age.

This is a High Impedance Microphone with a few modifications.  The original 4 pin Amphenol connector has been replaced with a 1/4" Switchcraft jack so you can use it with a standard guitar cable.  The on/off switch was broken so it has been replaced with a 250 K-Ohm volume control where the switch used to be.  The original element capsule was dead and has been replaces with a modern SM57 clone element.  The mic has a nice warm tone which is great for that Paul Butterfield tone and you can't beat the 1/4" jack and VC at this price.

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Vintage Shure 545S Hi-Z Microphone   $69.99

Vintage Shure 545S Hi-Z Microphone $69.99

Vintage Shure 545VC Hi-Z Microphone

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