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Custom Sony F3B Dynamic Microphone  $199.99

Item Numbers:
Silver Vein = SF3BSV
Penny Vein =SF3BPV
​Candy Red - SF3BRED

These Vintage Sony F3B microphones are without a doubt the best Harp Mics that Sony ever manufactured and they are one of the favorite customizations here at The Harp Mic Shop.
These were originally designed for use with tape recorders and had a short 6' cord at the back of the mic.  The cord has been removed and a
volume control has been added in it's place.
a 5/8" screw connector and adapter to 1/4" have been added at the bottom of the mic.
The mic is just over 4" in depth and is approximately 1 3/4" across the grille either direction at the center. Of course you have already noticed the unique vintage design of the mic which gives the mic a great retro look which is only matched by it's Excellent Tone and Bottom End Response.
As you can see we have this mic in Silver Vein and Penny Vein so please order the correct one (notice the different model numbers above).
​You won't regret adding one of these to your Harp Arsenal and the smaller size and shape of these great mics makes them easy to hold and cup even in the smallest of hands!

Custom Sony F3B Dynamic Microphone  $199.99

Custom Hot Sony F3B Dynamic Microphone