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Vintage Turner 766S Hi-Z Microphone  $89.99

Vintage Turner 766S Hi-Z Microphone  $89.99

Item - T766

As you can see in the pictures this Vintage Turner 766 Balladier microphone is in very good condition for it's age but there are a very few minor blemishes in the brushed finish.

The microphone has been completely checked inside and the original element is in excellent condition as well as the on/off switch and even the original Switchcraft connector is in perfect condition showing very little wear.

The microphone is high impedance and can be plugged directly into a guitar or tube amp by simply screwing a Switchcraft 1/4" adapter onto the mic.  this mic is perfect for use with a Tube Amplifier, Guitar amplifier or other amplifier with a 1/4" input.

This mic has a great Vintage Tone and Excellent Bottom End Response which is similar to an old Shure 545 or other vintage dynamic microphone.  It has ample output for use with either PA or Tube Amp and gives a nice early breakup from the thin mylar diaphragm which is used in the Vintyage element.

This is an excellent vintage microphone for either Harmonica or Vocals!

Vintage Turner 766S Hi-Z Microphone