Item - T95X

As you can see in the pictures this Vintage Turner 95X microphone is in very good condition for it's age but there are a very few minor blemishes in the brushed finish.

The microphone has been completely checked inside and the original element is in excellent condition as well as the on/off switch and even the original Switchcraft connector is in perfect condition showing very little wear.

The microphone is high impedance and can be plugged directly into a guitar or tube amp by simply screwing a Switchcraft 1/4" adapter onto the mic.  this mic is perfect for use with a Tube Amplifier, Guitar amplifier or other amplifier with a 1/4" input.

This is an excellent vintage microphone for either Harmonica or Vocals!

Vintage Turner 95X Hi-Z Microphone

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Vintage Turner 95X Hi-Z Microphone  $124.99

Vintage Turner 95X Hi-Z Microphone  $124.99