Hot Turner BX Bullet - 99D86 Black Label CR Element

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Custom Turner BX Bullet - 1949 - 99D86 Black CR Element  $349.99

Item - TBX99D86BCR
This is one Sweet Deal on a Custom Vintage Turner Bullet Harp Microphone and as you can see this one looks fantastic with a new Silver Vein Powder Coat Finish and it sounds Fantastic with a Super Hot Vintage 1949 Shure 99D86 Black Label Controlled Reluctance Element in excellent operating condition. The microphone is in Excellent condition and has been customized specifically for Harp Playing with the addition of a volume control at the back of the shell and a 5/8" screw connector and Switchcraft adapter at the bottom of the mic.  The 99D86 Black CR Element measures 1280 Ohms and delivers a strong output and thick gritty tone!

Custom Turner BX Bullet- 1949 - 99D86 Black CR Element  $349.99