Vintage Shure PE50SP Hi-Z Microphone  $59.99

Vintage Shure PE50SP Hi-Z Microphone  $59.99

Vintage Shure PE50SP Hi-Z Microphone

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Item - SPE50SP

You are wiewing an excellent Vintage Dynamic Hi-Z microphone with Great Vintage Tone. This Shure "Unisphere I" Model PE50SP has an excellent DEEP Tone that is great for Harp Playing or for "Fuzzy" Vocals. The stem is in Rough condition and the Ball is a little banged up. The 3 pin XLR connector at the bottom of the mic is wired for high impedance operation with pin 3 hot (not pin 2 as in Low Impedance XLR operation) so a new 15' cable is included which is wired appropriately for this mic.

The ball on this model mic is one of the smaller sizes making it easier to hold and cup for harmonica and the mic provides a nice deep warm (Butterfield-like) tone.  The mic is fully operational including the switch and a new foam windscreen has been installed in the ball.  This is a dual impedance microphone which can also be wired for Lo-Z XLR to plug into a standard PA System.